Fractal Animation

Fractal Animation is an MS-DOS based program. It is used for displaying fractals from the Mandelbrot and Julia sets. Fractal Animation has mouse support and is easy to use

To run this program, you will need at least a i386 processor or better (486 is recommended), 1 MB RAM, MS-DOS 3.2 and a VGA-compatible display. The program uses standard VGA 320x200 resolution with 256 colours. Higher resolution modes are not available in this version (1.01). Please read the readme file in for more information.


This is a screenshot from Fractal Animation, and the Mandelbrots set. If you find this close-up of the chaos mathematics exciting, download Fractal Animation (free) and watch it animated in colour. It is amazing...

Download Fractal Animation

Fractal Animation 1.01 is freeware, i.e. free. You won't have to pay any registration fee. Please read the readme-file (is to be found in before using this program.

Fractal Animation. (49 kb)

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