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Melin Software now presents the successor of our popular orienteering game WinOL.

Oriantica is the new generation orienteering simulation software. Using a map and a compass you have to find your way through the terrain to locate the controls as fast as possible.

In Oriantica it is possible to compete with other players over a network, or play against the computer. 

The map and terrain is much more flexible than in previous versions, with more terrain objects and the possibility to import real maps.

The graphic engine is completely rewritten, making use of the latest technology. At the same time, it does not require a new, extremely fast computer, making it possible to run on most ordinary home computers.

Not only can you run in daylight. If you find that too easy, why don't you  try night mode or navigation in dense fog?


The registered version has twelve maps of varied terrain types. You can have a closer look on the maps here.

A Map edit program is also included, so that you can draw your own maps and courses, and import existing maps from OCAD.


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