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Cavum means depression in Latin, and you will find many depressions on this map. There is a small lake in the middle, and a few foot-paths. The terrain is mostly open, and there is only a few marshes. In the the south, there are some steep slopes.


Lunsea is inspired by a forest south of Uppsala in the middle of Sweden. As you can see, the contours are highly intricate, with many small marshes. To find the controls you need high concentration all the time. 


The terrain found on the Suemega map is central European. The forest is rather open, not very detailed, with long, flat depressions. There are some rather high hills, and a few very steep hills.


Percipio (lat. learn, perceive) is, as the name suggests,   a beginner's map. There are many paths and infields to make orienteering easy. A small part of this map is included in the demo version.


This map inspired by a Japanese map. The terrain is rather bushy with many drawn out re-entrants and steep slopes. In the middle of the map there is an extremely bushy area, that you should probably stay out of.


Here prolix does not mean boring, but stretched out. Prolix is a map with long, narrow heights and depressions. There are several small ponds in the flat part and a high mountain in the west, with soft slopes and few details.


Hillscape is a fantasy map with somewhat unnatural heights and hills. This gives you the opportunity to try terrain never (?) encountered in real life.


This map has high mountains and moors without forest, something that will allow a really high tempo. One has to be very careful though - even after a minor mistake may be hard to catch up with the rivals. 


Terrain like this, you can find in the south of Sweden. There are steep, smooth hills, stone walls, and traces of forestry. There is a small river in the middle of the map, and a really tricky area with many re-entrants, in the lower right corner.


Campester if a flat map with relatively few details.  There are some foot-paths  in the area, and traces of forestry.


Nightland is a map designed for night-o, There are many footpaths, open areas, and distinct heights.


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