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MeOS 3.3

Updated: 2015-12-16

MeOS – a Much Easier Orienteering System

MeOS handles those administrative routines need for small and large orienteering events. The goal is ease of use. Small events and trainings need very few settings and almost no preparation.

Larger event are by nature less simple. The goal in this case is rather flexibility; performing the—sometimes complicated—tasks needed for a large event should be smooth.

MeOS is built with open source. This means that the program is free to download, install and use, and that anyone who knowledgeable in the art of programming can modify it do suite special needs. Although MeOS is free, it costs money to develop and maintain. If you find MeOS useful and want to support the development, you are welcome to contribute. See MeOS website,

The documentation is organized to that the basics are presented first. The first section, Small Events and Trainings, contains everything needed to carry through a simple event or training.

Following that is a section named Managing MeOS Features that describes more advanced settings and functionality. Then follows a section about larger events Large Events, including instructions how to connect several MeOS computers in a network. The section also treats backups, economy invoices and administration of clubs.

Then follows distinct sections on Large Events and Competitions with Several Stages, including competitions with patrols. MeOS supports Speaker Module and also combination of Rogaining and ordinary orienteering in the same class.

The Eventor Connection is a direct connection to an entry system used in some countries. The Table Mode, is often practical when you want to change several this at once, for example set status "did not start" from an alphabetically ordered list.

MeOS Insight
MeOS hides pages and functionality that are not available. For example, the page teams will not be visible unless there are classes including teams. Some features that are only needed occasionally, such as functionality for several stages, patrols, and Rogaining must be activated manually (see MeOS Features) or when you create a new competition.


  1. Small Events and Trainings
  2. Managing MeOS Features
  3. Large Events
  4. Competitions with Several Stages
  5. Speaker Module
  6. Relays and Classes with Several Races
  7. Rogaining
  8. Eventor Connection
  9. Table Mode
  10. Editing Lists
  11. Result Modules
  12. MeOS for Mac and Linux

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